Where I am now

Welcome to my blog, which I start slowly, having only just ventured cautiously into the world of Twitter. At the launch of my book last year I said two things (among others!) that are behind my reason for starting this blog. Firstly, I expressed my opinion – and desire – that the theory I had developed would represent just one point in time of an ever-evolving movement towards greater understanding. I don’t pretend to know it all, and am constantly reworking and growing my ideas. Over the year I have had many fascinating conversations which have sprung from my writing, and in part I want to capture and develop some of them here, as if I might think through writing. But I also know that I think better in company and I really hope that this blog will facilitate more stimulating dialogue.

My second reason for starting to write a blog now is that I said that I don’t want to be defined by my book. I knew already that that was already beginning to happen and to some extent I was right. Where I am now is not the same as a year ago. I do recognise the importance of bringing my book to life through teaching and making trauma therapy more accessible to the countless people who need it, and will continue to do what I am able to meet this need. At the same time I need to move on. I look forward to discovering where this will take me, us.