About Miriam Taylor: I am a Gestalt psychotherapist registered with UKCP, and also work as a supervisor and international trainer. I specialise in working with trauma, informed by neuroscience and embodied relational principles. A number of specific trauma and body-oriented trainings support my practice and thinking, in particular Sensorimotor trauma therapy. In 2014 my book ‘Trauma Therapy and Clinical Practice: Neuroscience, Gestalt and the Body’ was published. The main focus of my teaching is about trauma, its effects on the whole person including the body, and the therapeutic relationship that supports recovery. I am also trained in, and have experience of, Expert Witness work, which I see as an educational role in the service of informing just outcomes.  I am an Academic Consultant and examiner for Metanoia Institute in London, and an Associate of Relational Change. I have been in clinical practice since 1995, and have taught adults in a wide variety of settings for over thirty years.

I am interested not just in the phenomena and treatment of trauma – the internal experience, but in the context in which it arises – the external field. The intersection between the personal and the social is consistent with my core Gestalt values. I have endless curiosity and am always learning and exploring new perspectives on my work. My website is http://www.miriamtaylortherapy.co.uk.

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